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Inti Samudra Hasilindo is one of the foremost marine products harvesting and processing companies in Indonesia. The company can process more than 30 tons of fresh marine catch and over 30 tons of frozen fish daily.  Products are certified for Indonesia, US, EU, China, South Korea, Canada and Vietnam.

Website: https://www.intihasilindo.com/.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/ioR-RKa7Gvo



Bintang Puspita Bumidwipa is an Indonesian mining company specializing in kaolin. The company’s kaolin deposits encompass 65 hectares(160.618 acres)of land. The machineries used for the mining process are imported from Germany, USA and Japan, ensuring the production of high-quality kaolin, which is the company’s vision in the industry. The company also follows the strict regulations of the Clear and Clean Certification fulfilling its exploration and environmental commitments to the government. Using a rotary dryer machine, its production capacity has reached 2000 metric tons(2204.623 tons)per month and is projected to triple with its future investment in additional flash dryer machinery. The company’s kaolin products are distributed within and outside the country. The mining products are then delivered to areas in Java and Sumatra and exported to other countries in Asia and Europe.

Website: http://www.bintang-kaolin.com/.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/peCpchNd_9g




Era Baru Abadi Makmur is a fish trading company that currently trades around $60 million in turn-over.  This company focuses on providing quality seafood and shelf-stable products (ranging from skipjack tuna, sardines, octopus, squid, yellow fin tuna, and many others) and food processing.






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